What's Included
  • Each home will receive one (1) trash and recycling cart.  A second trash and/or recycling cart (a total of 4 carts) can be obtained at no additional cost. 
  • At the homeowner's expense, three or more trash or recycling carts can be obtained.  Each additional cart costs $5 a month. 
  • Weekly trash pickup.  Waste Management is only contractually obligated to pickup their 96 gallon trash carts.  Additional trash can be picked up for a fee.  
  • Bi-weekly recycle pickup.  Waste Management is only contractually obligated to pickup their 96 gallon recycle carts.
Do's and Don'ts
1) Your container must be at least one foot off the curb and at least 6 feet from obstructions.
2) Trash and recycle containers need to be 4 feet apart.
3) The handle side should be facing the house.
4) Please avoid parking cars within 20 feet of containers.
5) Containers must be at the curbside by 7am.
6) No appliances, tires, batteries, or other hazardous materials.
Click here for the 2023 trash schedule.
Click here for recycling guidelines.  

Waste Management

Contact Waste Management at 303-797-1600 or 800-482-6406.
You can request an additional trash or recycling cart for a fee.  
Waste Management offers bulk waste pickup for a fee. 
Also, Waste Management offers drop off locations.  Drop off locations can be found here.  

New Residents

Trash service is included in your monthly assessment.  Waste Management is Southshore's trash and recycling collection provider. 
  • Trash service every Monday
  • Recycling service every other Monday
You will receive a 96 gallon cart for both trash and recycling. 

If you have purchased a new build home, contact Waste Management at 303-797-1600 or 800-482-6406 to start service.  Reference the community name and account number 010-184639 Southshore HOA, allow 5-7 days for delivery.
If you have purchased a resale home, the prior owners may leave you the trash and recycling carts.

Trash in Common Areas

Trash pickup in the open areas is a community responsibility. The community’s landscaper, and homebuilder crews pick up trash as part of community maintenance, but if a resident sees trash near their home, regardless of fault, we hope the resident will help care for their community by picking up the trash found in common areas. Once or twice a year, a community trash clean-up is organized by volunteers to help the community clean up large items or areas that have accumulated trash over time.
Click here to report construction trash.

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