Enforcement of parking and traffic violations is performed by the City of Aurora.
Parking enforcement is not performed by the HOA or Metro District, as our streets are under the jurisdiction of the City of Aurora. To report vehicles that violate parking ordinances that apply to city streets:
Access Aurora
Phone: 303.739.7338
Aurora's Parking Guidelines
  • Allow a minimum of 5 feet from a driveway and 15 feet from a fire hydrant.
  • License plates must not be expired.
  • Vehicles may not remain parked on the street longer than a week.
  • View the Parking Policies for the City of Aurora.
  • The city policy is: Don’t leave your vehicle parked too long in one space on the street: three days if the vehicle does not work or has expired license places, five days if it is a motorhome or RV, seven days if it works properly, or longer if it’s parked directly in front of your residence.
  • It’s prohibited to park extending onto the sidewalk, even in your own driveway.
Covenants & Restrictions
Southshore's CC&Rs Section 10.7 Vehicular Parking, Storage and Repairs
10.7.1. No house trailer, camping trailer, boat trailer, hauling trailer, boat, or accessories thereto, truck (larger than 1 ton), motor home, snowmobile, jet ski, all terrain vehicle, self-contained motorized recreational vehicle, or other type of commercial or recreational vehicle or equipment, may be parked or stored in the Community, or parked or stored elsewhere in such a manner as to be visible from the ground level of any Lot, unless such parking or storage is entirely within the garage of any Lot, except that any such vehicle may be otherwise parked as a temporary expedient for loading, delivery, or emergency. This restriction, however, shall not restrict trucks or other commercial vehicles which are
necessary for construction or for the maintenance of any portion of the Community or any Improvements located thereon. For the purposes of this Section, "temporary expedient" shall mean a period of time not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours or such lesser or greater time period as the Executive Board may determine from time to time in its sole discretion.
10.7.2. Except as hereinabove provided, no abandoned or inoperable automobiles or vehicles of any kind shall be stored or parked in the Community, or stored or parked elsewhere in such a manner as to be visible from any Lot. An "abandoned or inoperable vehicle" shall be defined as any automobile, truck, motorcycle, or other similar vehicle, which has not been driven under its own propulsion for a period of seventy-two (72) hours or longer, or which does not have an operable propulsion system installed therein, or which is not then currently licensed and registered; provided, however, that otherwise permitted vehicles parked by Owners while on vacation (for a maximum of two (2) weeks) or during a
period of illness shall not be deemed to be abandoned.
10.7.3. In the event the Master Association shall determine that a vehicle is parked or stored in violation of subsections 10.7.1 or 10.7.2 of this Section, then a written notice of such violation describing said vehicle may be delivered personally (including delivery by telefax) or by certified mail, first class postage prepaid, return receipt requested to the
Owner of the Lot, and if the vehicle is not removed within a reasonable time thereafter, as determined by the Master Association in its discretion from time to time, a written notice that the vehicle will be towed shall he delivered personally to the owner of such vehicle (if such owner can be reasonably ascertained) or may be conspicuously placed upon the  vehicle(if the owner thereof cannot be reasonably ascertained) and the Master Association shall have the right to remove the vehicle at the sole expense of the owner of such vehicle in accordance with the terms of the tow notice.
10.7.4. No activity such as, but not limited to, maintenance, repair, rebuilding, dismantling, repainting or servicing of any kind of vehicles, trailers or boats, may be performed or conducted in the Community unless it is done within a completely enclosed structure(s) which screen the sight and sound of the activity from the drives, streets and adjoining property. The foregoing restriction shall not be deemed to prevent, on a Lot, washing and polishing of any motor vehicle, boat, trailer, motor-driven cycle, or other vehicle, together with those activities normally incidental and necessary to such washing and polishing.
10.7.5. This Section 10.7 shall be construed and applied in accordance with all applicable laws, including without limitation the Act.

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