Safety and Security

In May 2023 the Southshore Metro District added safety and security as a new community service.  Southshore's efforts include working with law enforcement agencies, security service providers, and our neighboring communities.  
Perform a Security Assessment - Safety begins with an assessment.  We have no way of knowing how vulnerable our community is without performing an security assessment.  If you don’t know what that is, it is simply an on-site security inspection that helps identify which areas of your community are exposed to threats.  It pinpoints possible security issues in an effort to patch these holes using effective solutions while identifying expected costs. 
Southshore Metro District completed a security assessment in the first half of 2023 with the expectation this assessment will be performed annually.  
Educate Residents - The Southshore Metro District’s scope is limited to the common areas, which means they have no way of ensuring effective safety and security within residential areas. A good way to do this is to educate residents on safety protocols.
We have Nine crime safety tips for you that will help you do your part in keeping your streets and homes secure.
- Well lit exteriors - lighted exteriors at night ward off intruders
- Secure homes including closing garage doors
- Lock and remove valuables from vehicles  
- Trimmed trees, hedges, bushes
- Alarm systems and cameras
- Get to know and care for your neighbors
- Asking a neighbor to bring their newspaper and mail inside when they’re on vacation (to create the illusion of someone being home)  
- Say something if they see something
- Participate in the 9pm Routine
License Plate Recognition Cameras - The Southshore Metro District board approved the installation of license plate reading cameras at all community entrances/exits and at our community centers. 
These camera are key to reducing crime in a community.  The cameras capture objective vehicle data, including license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions 24/7.  Aurora Police Department has direct access to these camera.
The software offers real time hot list alerts, searchable evidence and vehicle analytics empowering law enforcement and contracted security services improved response times during critical incidents and streamline investigations.
Here are the license plate camera reported results:
- 7% of crime solve using the license plate recognition technology
- 70% community reported reduction in criminal activity including car break-ins and motor vehicle thefts
- 80% reduction in residential burglaries
- 90% reduction in mail theft
Community Lighting - The ultimate purpose of security lighting is to protect people, common areas, community centers and residences.  Security lighting helps heighten the overall awareness, protects from potential intruders, improves functionality, increases property value and can even enhance the aesthetic appeal of the community.

It’s no secret that security lighting helps protect from potential intruders. One of the greatest benefits of installing security lighting is decreasing the chance of an intrusion.  While its purpose may be protection, security lighting also improves functionality of our outdoor environment. The ambient tones they give off create a more welcoming environment and can greatly increase the community's aesthetic appeal.

Southshore Metro District is looking into additional lighting at our entrances, mailboxes, community centers, trails and parks.  The community lighting project will be a multiyear project.
Security Services - Implementing a human security element can assist in handling safety and crime prevention. Professional security services are costly so it's important to engage an organization that is professional and has the correct skill set and resources.  In addition, 
The Southshore Metro District is in discussion with security services firm that specialized along E470.  In addition to providing security services, the firm would work with our facility staff to ensure they are properly trained to maintain incidents, will help establish a program to train residents on how everyone can effectively protect their homes.

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